Thin Films

Thin films are nanoscale or micrometer-thick layers deposited on various substrates, offering unique properties and functionalities. From optical coatings and semiconductor devices to protective layers and flexible electronics, thin films play a crucial role in numerous industries.

Thin Films for the Custom Designed, Wearables and IOT Business Markets

InnovaFlex™ Foundry is at the forefront of crafting micron-scale layers of materials that imbue electronics, optics, coatings, and various domains with heightened functionalities. Our pioneering Thin Films technology serves as a catalyst, transforming seemingly ordinary surfaces into dynamic platforms of unparalleled innovation.

Thin Films, to us, represent more than mere layers; they epitomize expansive canvases of untapped innovation, awaiting the brushstrokes of progress. At InnovaFlex™, our vision for Thin Films revolves around harnessing the potential of micron-scale materials to engender functional surfaces that redefine the boundaries of possibility. Our driving force is the belief that these ultrathin layers hold the potential to revolutionize the realms of electronics, optics, coatings, and beyond, ushering in novel pathways for amplified performance and boundless creativity.

As versatile as you need it to be

Our application of thin films extends across a spectrum of functionalities. From crafting thin film transistors to strain gages, calibration plates, and inductor coils, we have harnessed thin film deposition and patterning capabilities to fabricate diverse electronics and components. InnovaFlex™ Foundry’s proficiency in leveraging thin film technology underscores our commitment to innovation, as we diligently explore the transformative power of these micron-scale materials to redefine industries and empower creative pursuits.

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How are we different?

We are INSIGHTFUL, KNOWLEDGEABLE EXPERTS WIH CUSTOM SOLUTIONS that have an unrelenting thirst for excellence in our field. Watch this overview video to learn more.

Who Uses
Thin Films?
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Military & Defense
  • Automotive
  • Space Exploration
  • Health & Medical
  • Custom Applications

Common Questions

  • Do you manufacture your products on wafers?

    We do not engage in wafer production at all. At InnovaFlex™, our primary focus revolves around the manufacturing of a diverse array of products, using both glass and flexible substrates. We take pride in being the largest and sole manufacturer of our kind outside of Asia. Our extensive 55,000 square foot, state-of-the-art cleanroom facility is equipped with cutting-edge tools and testing equipment, providing a comprehensive array of resources to cater to our customers’ unique and specific requirements.

  • What makes the Thin Films at InnovaFlex™ stand out from the rest?

    What sets our Thin Films at InnovaFlex™ apart from the competition is our specialization in crafting thicker ‘thin films.’ This unique approach allows us to seamlessly accommodate the intricate topography of the electrical circuits we manufacture, setting us apart from conventional display flat panel FABs.

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