Microfluidics involves the precise manipulation and control of small volumes of fluids within microscale channels and structures. It offers a wide range of applications in areas such as healthcare, biotechnology, and chemical analysis.

Microfluidics for the Custom Designed, Wearables and IOT Business Markets

Welcome to the world of Microfluidics, where we, at InnovaFlex™ Foundry, are captivated by the power of how manipulating a minute amounts of fluids can revolutionize industries such as healthcare, biotechnology, and environmental monitoring. Our expertise lies in crafting microchannels that enable precise control, analysis, and experimentation within the realm of a droplet.

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In the microcosms of fluids lies a macrocosm of innovation waiting to be unlocked. Our vision at InnovaFlex™ is to explore Microfluidics technology that revolutionizes industries such as healthcare, biotechnology, and environmental monitoring. We see a future where precise manipulation of minuscule amounts of fluid fuels breakthroughs in diagnostics, drug development, and scientific discovery.

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We are INSIGHTFUL, KNOWLEDGEABLE EXPERTS WIH CUSTOM SOLUTIONS that have an unrelenting thirst for excellence in our field. Watch this overview video to learn more.

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  • Consumer Electronics
  • Military & Defense
  • Automotive
  • Space Exploration
  • Health & Medical
  • Custom Applications

Common Questions

  • Do you manufacture your products on wafers?

    We do not engage in wafer production at all. At InnovaFlex™, our primary focus revolves around the manufacturing of a diverse array of products, using both glass and flexible substrates. We take pride in being the largest and sole manufacturer of our kind outside of Asia. Our extensive 55,000 square foot, state-of-the-art cleanroom facility is equipped with cutting-edge tools and testing equipment, providing a comprehensive array of resources to cater to our customers’ unique and specific requirements.

  • Are you capable of creating patterns on glass?

    Currently we do not pattern glass, however, we do have the ability to pattern an organic dielectric material to form small channels.

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