Phased-array antennas or high-performance antennas enable the transmission and reception for seamless connectivity in various applications such as telecommunications, satellite communication, and IoT devices.

Communication knows no bounds and neither do we

Welcome to the world of Antennas, where, in a collaborative effort with antenna manufacturers, we at InnovaFlex™ Foundry, are striving to usher in the next era of tunable antennas – phase-arrays – that promise elevated performance surpassing the current generation. Integrating our flexible manufacturing prowess amplifies our capacity to fabricate the forthcoming generation of conformable antennas.

Our exceptional ability to merge cutting-edge antenna technology onto flexible substrates marks a pivotal leap towards solving diverse challenges. At InnovaFlex™ Foundry, we understand that flexibility in both technology and thinking is key to innovation. By seamlessly integrating advanced antenna designs onto flexible substrates, we’re pioneering solutions that transcend the limitations of conventional approaches.

In the language of signals, antennas are the translators of connection. Our vision at InnovaFlex™ is to design antennas that transcend the physical and connect the digital world without bounds. We see a future where our antenna technologies empower seamless communication across vast distances, enhancing connectivity in a way that reshapes industries, facilitates global interaction, and strengthens the fabric of our interconnected society.

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InnovaFlex™’s worldwide leadership and technology expertise in optical sensors fully complements the Hybrid Electronics market segment which is uniquely suited for flexible electronics, medical devices, wearables, IOT/wireless sensors and sensor networks. InnovaFlex™ is the perfect technology partner for companies designing and integrating products in the Hybrid Electronics market segments whether it be Bluetooth, IOT, BAN, 5G and/or other emerging Hybrid Electronics technologies.

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We are INSIGHTFUL, KNOWLEDGEABLE EXPERTS WIH CUSTOM SOLUTIONS that have an unrelenting thirst for excellence in our field. Watch this overview video to learn more.

Who Uses
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Military & Defense
  • Automotive
  • Space Exploration
  • Health & Medical
  • Custom Applications

Common Questions

  • Do you have the capabilities to supply highly specialized sectors, such as the medical and military industries?

    Yes, our capabilities are well-suited to fulfill the specific demands of specialized sectors, including medical and military. In fact, we actively support both markets, in addition to our engagement in industrial and security imaging.

  • On what types of substrates is it possible to install an antenna?

    We possess the capacity to install antennas on both our flexible and glass substrates. At InnovaFlex™, we prioritize collaborative innovation and work closely with clients to customize their unique visions to meet specific needs.

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