Flexible Hybrid Electronics

Explore the limitless potential of Flexible Hybrid Electronics with InnovaFlex™, where we seamlessly merge various technologies into a flexible material. Our innovative Flex line, a cellophane-like material, pushes tech boundaries and transforms electronics.

Hybrid Electronics for the Custom Designed, Wearables and IOT Business Markets

In a world where we are combining different technologies, the possibilities are endless. Welcome to the realm of Flexible Hybrid Electronics, where we at InnovaFlex™ Foundry are excited to converge these two worlds, offering solutions that combine the best of both realms to unlock unprecedented functionalities and applications.

At InnovaFlex™, we take great pride in our innovative Flex line, which exemplifies our groundbreaking approach to Flexible Hybrid Electronics. Within this extraordinary line of products, we have achieved a remarkable feat by seamlessly integrating technologies into a cellophane-like material. This groundbreaking achievement allows our technology to be manipulated and molded in ways previously unimaginable with conventional semiconductor materials. In fact, our Flex line is so versatile that it can even be rolled up, much like a sheet of cellophane, opening up a world of possibilities for flexible and adaptable electronics. This unique capability not only showcases our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology but also underscores our dedication to revolutionizing the world of electronics. With InnovaFlex™’s Flex line, we are redefining what is possible in the realm of Flexible Hybrid Electronics, enabling a wide range of applications that will undoubtedly shape industries and drive innovation in unprecedented ways.

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In the convergence of differing technologies lies a realm of infinite possibilities. Our vision at InnovaFlex™ is to pioneer Hybrid Electronics that bridge these worlds, creating solutions that harness the strengths of both domains to create unprecedented functionalities. We believe that this constructive collaboration will open doors to applications that were previously out of reach, driving progress across industries and shaping a smarter, more connected future.

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We are INSIGHTFUL, KNOWLEDGEABLE EXPERTS WIH CUSTOM SOLUTIONS that have an unrelenting thirst for excellence in our field. Watch this overview video to learn more.

Who Uses
Flexible Hybrid Electronics?
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Military & Defense
  • Automotive
  • Space Exploration
  • Health & Medical
  • Custom Applications

Common Questions

  • Is it possible to apply your cellophane-like material to a variety of surfaces?

    Yes, our material can be placed on both our glass substrate and our flexible substrate. The flexible substrate provides a slightly denser composition, providing the added benefit of preventing creases while still retaining its flexibility.

  • Do you have ready to use products available for purchase?

    We do not offer off-the-shelf products as everything we do is tailored to meet the unique wants and needs of our customers. At InnovaFlex™, we take great pride in working closely with our customers to bring their specific visions to life through our customized solutions.

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