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Discover the exciting future of electronic component packaging with InnovaFlex™ Foundry. Join us in exploring cutting-edge solutions, including advanced panel level packaging, and together, let’s discuss the limitless potential of these technologies, reshaping industries and societies.

Advanced Packaging for the Custom Designed, Wearables and IOT Business Markets

At InnovaFlex™ Foundry, we are focused on developing state-of-the-art packaging solutions that are set to revolutionize the way electronic components are connected and optimized for top performance. Our commitment to innovation is what propels us to push the boundaries in terms of making things smaller, more power-efficient, and highly functional.

Our vision is to bring together different technologies onto our glass and flexible substrates. By effectively integrating various components into compact and reliable packages, we are ushering in a new era of electronics that are not only smaller and faster but also incredibly versatile in their applications.

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A significant part of our strategy involves combining multiple technologies on our large flat-panel flexible substrate, a concept known as panel level packaging. What makes this particularly exciting is our aim to reintroduce this advanced technology back into the United States, contributing to the country’s technological growth and leadership in the field.

At InnovaFlex™ Foundry, we are not just envisioning the future – we are actively engineering it. Our emphasis on practical innovation and pushing technological boundaries underscores our mission. By merging various technologies, skills, and perspectives, we are shaping a landscape of endless possibilities for electronic packaging and its role in shaping industries and societies.

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We are INSIGHTFUL, KNOWLEDGEABLE EXPERTS WIH CUSTOM SOLUTIONS that have an unrelenting thirst for excellence in our field. Watch this overview video to learn more.

Who Uses
Advanced Packaging?
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Military & Defense
  • Automotive
  • Space Exploration
  • Health & Medical
  • Custom Applications

Common Questions

  • Why choose InnovaFlex™ Foundry?

    InnovaFlex™ sets itself apart by offering an all-encompassing, in-house approach, combining the capabilities of research and development, innovative design, and precise manufacturing. Our dedicated team is committed to walking hand in hand with you throughout every phase of your project, ensuring that your unique vision is transformed into a tangible reality.

  • What is the size of your Gen 4.5 glass substrate?

    The dimensions of our Gen 4.5 glass substrate are 920mm by 739mm, which is approximately equivalent to 3 feet by 2.4 feet. With a glass of this size, there is greater potential to accommodate more components on a single piece, leading to reduced waste and cost efficiencies.

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