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Gain a competitive edge with our innovative flexible semiconductor design and manufacturing.

Advanced Packaging

Let’s discuss advanced packaging solutions tailored to your specific needs. Advanced packaging encompasses innovative techniques and technologies that revolutionize the way electronic components are encapsulated and protected.

Hybrid Electronics

We invite you to engage in a conversation about flexible hybrid electronics, a field that combines different technologies onto flexible printed circuitry. Hybrid electronics involve integrating rigid components with flexible substrates, enabling unique design possibilities, improved functionality, and enhanced performance.


Reach out to us for a conversation about haptics, an exciting field that focuses on tactile feedback technology. Haptics enables the creation of realistic touch sensations, enhancing user experiences in various applications such as virtual reality, gaming, and consumer electronics.


Initiate a conversation with us to explore the fascinating world of microfluidics. Microfluidics involves the precise manipulation and control of small volumes of fluids within microscale channels and structures. It offers a wide range of applications in areas such as healthcare, biotechnology, and chemical analysis.

Thin Films

Have a conversation about thin films and their diverse applications. Thin films are nanoscale or micrometer-thick layers deposited on various substrates, offering unique properties and functionalities. From optical coatings and semiconductor devices to protective layers and flexible electronics, thin films play a crucial role in numerous industries.


Get in touch with us to discuss MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems) and sensors on our glass substrates, an exciting field that merges miniaturized mechanical and electrical components to create highly sensitive and efficient devices. MEMS and sensors find applications in various industries, including automotive, healthcare, and consumer electronics, enabling advancements such as motion detection, environmental sensing, and biomedical monitoring.

Imaging Arrays

Contact us to explore the realm of imaging arrays. Imaging arrays are advanced technologies that consist of an array of individual image sensors, enabling the capture of high-resolution images and videos. These arrays find applications in various fields, including medical imaging, non-destructive inspection, and scientific research.


Reach out to us for a conversation about displays, a critical component in visual communication and information display systems. Displays encompass a wide range of technologies, including mini and micro-LED. Displays play a pivotal role in various industries in the USA such as consumer electronics, automotive, and digital signage.


Let’s have a conversation about antennas and discuss how our manufacturing capabilities can align with your specific requirements. Phased-array antennas or high-performance antennas enable the transmission and reception for seamless connectivity in various applications such as telecommunications, satellite communication, and IoT devices.

InnovaFlex Foundry

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