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Welcome to InnovaFlex™ Foundry, where vision drives innovation and technology knows no limits. InnovaFlex™ Foundry is a nontraditional semiconductor, design and manufacturer that has capabilities to create a variety of electronics on both glass and flexible substrates. InnovaFlex™ provides the foundation for some of today’s most innovative solutions in the military, medical, industrial, and security imaging businesses.

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20+ Years of innovation

At InnovaFlex™ Foundry, innovation and customization come together to provide visionary solutions through our wide-ranging capabilities. Embark on a journey starting with our Research & Development initiatives, where innovation fuels the boundaries of what’s possible, followed by our Custom Design capabilities, transforming visionary ideas into practical solutions. These efforts, supported by our core technology building blocks, seamlessly lead to our Manufacturing excellence, delivering top-notch products and services.

Discover the exciting future of electronic component packaging with InnovaFlex™ Foundry. Join us in exploring cutting-edge solutions, including advanced panel level packaging, and together, let’s discuss the limitless potential of these technologies, reshaping industries and societies.
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Explore the limitless potential of Flexible Hybrid Electronics with InnovaFlex™, where we seamlessly merge various technologies into a flexible material. Our innovative Flex line, a cellophane-like material, pushes tech boundaries and transforms electronics.
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InnovaFlex™ Foundry invites you to dive into the world of MicroLED displays, where innovation knows no bounds. Join us in exploring how these technologies are reshaping the digital experience, and let’s engage in a conversation about the limitless possibilities they hold for immersive visual interactions and beyond.

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InnovaFlex™ Foundry is actively shaping the future of haptic devices, aiming to enhance cost efficiency through their flexible substrates. Our vision of integrating the sense of touch into digital interactions across various industries promises a new era of heightened engagement, making it a compelling subject to delve deeper into.

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Why On-shore SEMI-CONDUCTOR business?

The importance of the semiconductor industry is undeniable, but the U.S. has lost ground in recent years. InnovaFlex™ believes in bringing semiconductor manufacturing back to the USA to enhance economic resilience, national security, and innovation. Learn how this effort can secure the nation’s future, create jobs, and position the U.S. as a global tech leader.

  • Enhanced Supply Chain Resilience
  • National Security
  • Technological Leadership
  • Economic Growth & Job Creation

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